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«Toshkent yog-moy kombinati» JSC announces a contest for the post of head of the executive body

конкурс на должность руководителя исполнительного органа

The list of documents required for the contest:

  • a statement of the applicant, indicating about acquaintance the conditions and the procedure of competitive selection and showing an agreement to sign the contract in the case of the passage of the contest;
  • a copy of the passport of the applicant;
  • copies of documents on education (primary, secondary, training, support courses, certificates and diplomas);
  • personal information about the applicant and his work activity, according to the approved application form;
  • summary of the proposed Program of development of Company (theses);
  • letters of recommendation (if any).

Applicants can familiarize themselves with the requirements and position of the competition on the official website of the company and ask for the documents listed in the provision. E-mail address: info@tymk.uz

Telephone: 291-69-04

Postal address: 47, Jarkurgan str., Tashkent city, Uzbekistan

Documents are accepted until june 24 of this year.

The contest will be held on june 25, 2018.

Board of directors

“Toshkent yog-moy kombinati” JSC